How To Wear Sneakers 101

Is there a science to wearing the ever-so-elusive sneakers with dress ensemble. Fashion seems to think so! Swapping out the sandals for an unexpected pair of sneakers is a way to step up your style game, and instantly add eclecticism to any look. If you’re ready to pair your favorite dress with 2019s the hottest (and Anna Wintour approved) trend, the sneaker, here’s what you need to know.

Colored Dress with Bright Whites Sneakers

This look is all about complementing by creating contrast. It’s also Klassic Kim Kardashian West attire. Whether it’s the classic converse or the trendiest of dad sneakers, bright white sneakers paired with a colored or printed dress is going to be the street style look of 2019.

Dress Down Down Your Evening Wear

Think Gigi Hadid a la Off-White runway show. Virgil Abloh proved to us all that sneakers with evening gowns are no longer just reserved for scene kids at prom. Add a pair of athletic sneakers with your next date night ensemble for a totally chic and not at all athleisure-eque aesthetic.

Sheer Dress with Sneakers

If you just assumed that nude heels belonged with naked dresses you might be wrong. Sneakers make sheer dresses more wearable day to day. Not to mention, the look oozes street style chic.