You’re engaged—that means you’ve been prepping everything from the venue, the dress, the ceremony, and more. But have you forgotten about your beauty routine? Planning a wedding means that, even though it’s your big day, you’re thinking about others first and have most likely been careless with yourself.

Get yourself on a beauty routine ASAP with these beauty tips so that you can glow like the beautiful bride that you are.


Drink lots of water. This is a given and you’ve probably heard it many times but it’s important that you drink enough water to have glowing skin. Water clears the skin and provides moisture so start as soon as you can drinking 8 glasses a day until the big day.

Have a good skincare routine. Trying out a new moisturizer or toner a few days before the big day is the worst thing you can do for your skin. The skin could react badly to the new product and cause pimples or even a rash—things you don’t want to worry about on your wedding. Figure out a good skincare routine a month or two in advance so you don’t wake up to any skincare concerns on your big day.

If you plan on getting a facial, test it ahead of time. Just like skincare, facials also are applied on the face and can cause breakouts or redness so it’s important to try the facial once or twice beforehand. Facials are meant to be a treat for your face but sometimes if it contains ingredients your skin doesn’t particularly like, you’ll break out. Stay on the safe side and try it out first.

Test out your tan. Some brides want a golden glow on their wedding day but there’s always a possibility if the shade being too light, too dark, or even too orange. Try the tan out a month or two in advance and if you find the right tan, get it done 2 days before the wedding.

Emergency kit. There will be tons of emotions you’ll be going through from nervousness to anxiety and happiness so that means you’ll be putting your face through tears and sweat. You’re makeup will need to be kept in place so include things like q-tips, blotting sheets, a lip pencil, and even fashion tape to look your best on your big day.

(Image: Chrissy Teigen)