It’s no surprise that Royals like to stick to tradition and keep with the same fashion rules to please the Queen. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle seem to share very similar style. It could be coincidental, but what the queen says goes. They are both very refined and classy ladies so it’s no surprise that some of their favorites are the same. They both love neutral shades such as white and cream when wearing outfits and both wear those formal style hats that royals are known for!

Both Megan and Kate also like to wear nude heels, especially on royal occasions. They also both love their casual clothing. They have both been seen in skinny jeans and clothes that us “commoners” would wear on a daily basis. They also both were skin colored tights though that is protocol, and they also wear above-knee trenches. Both duchesses seem to be a fan of the famous Philip Treacy hats as well.

They also enjoy trench dresses and are seem wearing similar pieces to the same events. They both also seem to love rose pink and pencil style dresses. The royals have to follow the queen’s fashion rules, and that may be why they share similar styles, but they both unquestionably have a great sense of style!