Going out tonight and looking to make a statement with your eyes? Or maybe you just want to add a little bit of color to your eye makeup? Try out this tutorial for the easiest statement eye makeup ever and make your eyes stand out from the rest.

brightlinerWhat you’ll need:
A taupe brown eye pencil (or one with glitters if you want an extra pop of light)
A violet eye shadow with blue undertones
A bright color that compliments your eye color
Now follow these quick steps:
Step 1: Apply your primer. We want everything to stay in place and if you have oily lids, you especially don’t want to skip this step.
Step 2: Take the brown eye liner pencil and line as you would with a cat eye but don’t take it all the way out. It shouldn’t be neat as you’re going to blend it out later. Apply some on the inner corners of the lids as well the outer corners. Blend out with a fluffy brush.
Step 3: Line the bottom lash line with that same liner.
Step 4: Pick-up some of the eyeshadow with a brush and place it on the line you’ve created earlier. Blend the eyeshadow up a bit so that it looks slightly smokey. Do the same to the bottom lash line.
Step 5: For the statement part of the look, you’re going to apply a bright color on the inner 1/3 of the eye. If your eyes are blue, go with purple; if you’re eyes are green, go with burgundy. If you have brown eyes, you can go with any color (lucky you).
Step 6: To blend out any harsh edges, use a taupe neutral color on the lids.
(Cover image: le-21eme.com)