If you have not been paying attention, you might miss the whole thing together. But the fashion sector in Africa is brimming with creativity and culture from all around the continent. The sector is filled with eager artists and designers ready to express themselves with many beautiful colors and designs and just pure wow factor.

Unfortunately, the fashion sector is not one that gets a lot of attention from the government or the older generation who believe that their children or family members are better off as doctors and lawyers and engineers. Tragically, many people who start up with fashion in the continent first must become pariahs from their own families.

Once a year, at least ten large-scale fashion, art and cultural exhibitions take place and are open to participants all around Africa. At these events and meets, fashion designers and artists, old and new come forth to express themselves through their work and it is truly fascinating. Some of them get to meet their icons and mentors.

The Cairo Fashion and Tex in Egypt is one of these events. Usually held in the middle of the year, this show opens doors for upcoming musicians, to showcase their incredible talent and make names for themselves in the industry.

Other shows like this one include the Cosmetics and Beauty Africa Expo, The Africa Fashion Week, Nigeria and so many more; which serve nearly the same purpose as Cairo Fashion and Tex in Egypt. Indeed fashion, music, alongside art is one of the easiest ways to bring the youth together and empower them at the same time; as these events foster creativity, confidence and togetherness among its participants.

Apart from social media, fashion is another main factor in moving the African youth community forward. This is because it is the one thing that we can agree on. The younger generation today is filled with fresh creative minds and people who are eager to let their lights shine.

All the generation needs is a wake-up call. A chance to create without limits.