According to an article on, Accessories play a very important role in fashion and style, so no wonder that designer Michael Kors payed plenty of attention to the handbags and clutches created for his resort 2013 collection. Check out the deluxe, fashion handbags after the jump!

The fashion designer who’s recently announced the launch of the ‘Living the Kors Life’ series, which enables fashion enthusiasts to take a glimpse behind the scenes in the world of the stylish women that work for the renowned fashion designer, has managed to wow his fans with his latest accessory creations featured in the resort 2013 collection. Accessories play a huge role in the world of fashion and style, so no wonder that there’s no limitation to the time and energy deposited into creating new and innovative accessories as their touch can be magical. Michael Kors resort 2013 handbags take deluxe chicness to a whole new level through the use of vivacious, look-at-me colors and high quality fabrics, all displayed in chic handbags and stylish clutch designs.

Vintage classics seem to continue to make a buzz in the fashion industry as timeless elegance can never be exceeded, these classic vibe elements becoming more of an investment rather than just a simple method of carrying personal belongings or making a fashion statement if it’s clothes you’re talking about. However, to spice up the look of the collection, the designer opted to upgrade the soft lines of the handbags with the sizzling hotness of exotic fabrics. Ostrich and reptilian prints such as crocodile, lizard and snakeskin print fabrics aid the deluxe appeal of the collection and make every design look even hotter as exotic patterns are causing a stir this upcoming resort season.

When it comes to ultra-elegant, glitzy-glamour, the designer turns towards the help of embellishments such as oversized jewels and studs. The perfectly detailed designs display the craftsmanship that helped push the label to international recognition.

Color has become an essential detail when it comes to fashion especially resort-wear and accessories, and this season Michael Kors opted for both timeless hues as well as contemporary, on-trend colors that make the designs irresistible. Royal blue, soft peach, coral, black and white, turquoise as well as metallic gold tones heat-up the collection, so browse through the amazing, high luxury designs that range in price from $450 to $1595 and pick your new season must haves!


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