Nobody is ever too young to wear braids. Though maybe the last time you remember wearing them was your fifth grade play, braids are back and bigger than ever! There are no age limits because they give a soft, delicately feminine look to any outfit, and there even great because there a no damage hairstyle!

And, when you take your braids out …. your left with a beautiful wave! Here are the top 3 most chic ways to freshen up the braided look!

First up, is the pancake fishtail braid! Simply start by parting your hair on the side and then pulling your hair to the opposite side. You then want to separate your hair into three small pieces at the root of your head, and braid, but adding more pieces down your hair as you go.

When you get to your neck, you want to split your hair into two sections and then pull pieces from the outer area of each section to create a fishtail. Put one piece of hair over the other until you get to the bottom of your head, then loosen and stretch your braid apart to create a pancake affect! It’s effortlessly gorgeous and perfect for all events!

Next is the chic waterfall braid. Who doesn’t want their hair to look like a beautiful waterfall from nature? You simply start by pulling your hair back as if you were doing a half up half down hairstyle, and then split your hair into three pieces. You want to braid your hair towards the back of your head as if it was a crown, pinning it as you go around. It’s that simple, your left with a chic, effortless, hairstyle!

And lastly, the loose, princess-style crown. You want to start by reading each side of your hair to make pigtails, like you did in the first grade. After you have your pigtails, you want to pin them to the top of your head and then tuck them in, so they aren’t visible. Your left with a gorgeous crown, and you can soften up the look by pulling out pieces from the front!

And just remember, braids are back… so you can’t go wrong with them no matter what style you opt for!