(Photo Source: Netflix)

Millie Bobby Brown’s style has all grown up

“Stranger Things” is the hit show that has been sweeping the nation. And fans can’t get enough of it. But amongst the cool outfits and homage to the 80s, there lies a deeper meaning in some of the styles of the cast that you wouldn’t have even guessed.

Other than the cool throwback styles of Stranger Things, the outfits and the retro branding, the hairstyles have the most nostalgic feel. But other than being just plain cool, the character’s hairstyles actually have a deeper meaning that only adds to the epic story.

One of the biggest hair changes that you will see in the show is Eleven. When we first saw Eleven hit the screen, she was an awkwardly dressed kid with a shaved head. Fast forward to season three, and we see a much more “girly” Eleven with a new hairstyle.

Other than being a teenager, the new hairstyle describes how much time has actually passed in the show and begins to show Eleven becoming more of a real girl and a teenager. Similarly, the change in hairstyles of Max also depicts a change from a tomboy new girl in town to a teen who begins to care more about beauty and style.