Here are some facts that you must keep in mind while buying leather jackets online. We all know that pure and real leather comes with its price. However, you can find several pricing options online that may look very enticing and attractive. They would so much drag your attention with pictures of celebrity and all that. In this case, you may want to jumble with the words the seller uses in the description column just to get the feel of that quality. It is important here for us to know the types of leather so that we wouldn’t fall into the hands of unscrupulous businessmen.

Basically, we have four types of leather; full grain leather, top grain leather, genuine leather and bonded leather. The full-grain is the highest quality of leather and this is made from the outer layer of the animal skin. It is filled with such real and natural beauty. Products with this kind of leather last longer and they are not cheap. Yes, they are not cheap.

Next is the Top grain leather. It is the second-best quality leather which is made by slicing away the outer layer of the full grain leather. It is refined further and processed. The top grain leather is mostly used in the production of the jacket. It is considered reliable having that long-lasting tenacity that a jacket needs. It is advisable that you get a top grain leather when going for a Jacket online.

The genuine leather is the last one we are going to consider here. Now because it is called genuine doesn’t make it genuine. In fact, you can refer to it as the direct opposite of genuine. This is the lowest grade of leather mined from the very bottom layer of the animal skin. This term is used by vendors just to play on your intelligence. Even though we have bonded leather which is the worst form of leather like a collection of leather garbage, genuine leather is no-way better. Genuine leather is real leather with poor quality. So when next you are shopping online, know these names and they would guide you.