This month, there have been a lot of obsessions when it comes to skin care. Not only are these products amazing, but they’ll leave your skin looking glowing and youthful! Here are the top of life changing skin care products that you seriously need if you want to keep you’re chic appearance!

You may not have thought, but body wash is super important for maintaining moisturize skin… after all, our bodies are our temples. So first up is the Olay shea butter whip foaming body wash! It smells like strawberries, and it comes out just like shaving cream so you could even get multiple uses from it! You won’t even have to apply lotion after you use it, so it’s a great time-saver. Your whole body will be left feeling more moisturized than ever before.

Everyone hates zits! Everyone deals with a pimple here and there, and it’s annoying to say the least. A great product to rid those stubborn bumps are the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch – Invisible + that comes in different sizes depending on how big your zit is, so it’s super customized.

All you have to do is remove them from the material which is actually made from ingredients that help with impurities in your skin, which will help flatten your pimple instead of drying it out… so it gets all the gunk out! If you want a product that will really speed up the healing of a pimple, this product by Hero Cosmetics is a hero!

If you like painting your nails at home, a cuticle protector could really help up your skin care game. The Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards cuticle protectors will help keep your fingers looking chic. So when you’re painting your nails you don’t have to worry about where you get your polish because the protectors are there for you.

Finally, the makeup brushes you use play a big role in clear skin. If you usually keep your brushes in a makeup bag, that means there all getting squished together, most likely creating bacteria as well. The brush set from the Sephora collection called the Magnetic Collection, is awesome because your brushes will stay on a magnetic tray, and won’t get smooshed together!

It makes it super easy for you to see which brushes you’re using. Any of these products will surely give your skin care a boost!