Thick rimmed glasses have come surging back into popularity, partly in thanks to hipsters who favor the intellectual looking accessory.  Thick rimmed glasses are also known as hipster glasses and they have become part fashionable item and part cultural meme. For us non-hipsters hoping to get in on the trend, it may seem a little foreign and silly but the more people are wearing them the better they look. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Anne Hathaway have all donned thick black rimmed glasses recently, showing how easily this trend can be worn.  Although this trend seems pretty simple, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before heading out in this look.


Your hairstyle will actually set the tone for how your glasses look, so it’s important to choose carefully. If you’re going for a sexier version of this look we recommend wearing your hair in lightly tousled waves and adding a chic black fedora to the mix. If you’re going for the college cuteness vibe then we suggest a messy bun with either blunt bangs or little wisps of hair around your face. These two different hairstyles can make the glasses look two totally different ways.

Face Shape

Some people look great in glasses just because they have the right bone structure for it, it’s not fair but that’s life. Some of us just don’t look good in glasses so keep that in mind and remember that this trend may not be suited for you. However we still recommend you try on a few different styles of glasses. For example, horn rimmed glasses may look bad on you but rounded rimmed glasses may look super chic.  It’s important to know what style of glasses, if any, looks best on your face.