People tend to get bored during the summertime and tend to come up with new crazy trends. We love a good bikini for the summer time, and this new trend is rising all over social media with swim models and celebrities seen everywhere with this look.

It is the upside-down bikini, and an Instagram bikini model started this trend. She took her regular swimwear and simply turned it upside down. People went crazy so she started posting more photos with the upside-down idea and it went famous.

Under boob has been very popular this year. This trend helps because since it’s upside down, it rises higher giving that look to it. You can look chic and cool at the same time. People have argued if this look is practical. The one thing with this trend is that it will definitely show more cleavage, and because it is tighter when you turn your bikini top upside down.

It’s more of an aesthetic trend because if you try to do water activities with this on, it may not go very well. The most important thing is to feel confident in your skin with this trend when trying it. If you want to pull it off, go for it!