Beauty standards in almost every society and culture has reduced drastically, especially for women and south Korean women are one of the victims of this. The way everyone is desperately looking for beauty has made it become so bad to the extent that even getting a job depends on the beauty of the persons face.

This have become so worse that most women have to undergo plastic surgery and other forms of popular surgeries which includes skin whitening, nose jobs, and double-eyelid surgery. According to people who are against this the surgeries that the women undergo gives the bad impression that Koreans are trying to look more Caucasian or white.

South Korea has been given the name “world’s plastic surgery capital” because of the high rate of people that are involved in the surgery. Women from south Korea are protesting against this by destroying their makeup and protesting in order to proof that their success in their career and relationships should not be dependent on this constructed beauty standard.

This movement was also tagged as “escape the corset” and its popularity is increasing on social media. As women make videos of themselves destroying their makeups and share it on social media this could go viral as there are many followers who support the movement on the social media.

The movements popularity has grown stronger over time and it is even becoming stronger than patriarchal values in the country and the call for greater equality and to fight against issues such as illegal filming and sexual assault.

The movement is aimed at redefining the position of south Korean women in the society.