Victoria’s Secret as over the years remained the biggest and the number one lingerie company in the United States. The brand as kept this record for many years and now their position as the number one lingerie company in the United States is being threatened by up and coming underwear labels.

It will interest you to know that Victoria’s Secret has had a major fallout from the lingerie market this year. Basically in 2018, the brand Victoria’s Secret as had dwindling sales as compared to other years.

In November, the brand experienced a huge fall out when controversial statements were made by an executive about plus-size models in an interview with Vogue. Their sales dwindled drastically as they were down to a whopping 2%.

A new set of lingerie company has started to surface and are already serving as a threat to the great Victoria’s Secret brand. Here are some of the up and coming underwear brands/labels that are set to dethrone Victoria’s Secret.

One of the brands set to dethrone Victoria’s Secret is the American Eagle’s underwear brand which is known as Aerie. The collection Aerie offers a limited selection of apparel and swimwear.

Another brand that is set to overthrow the kingpin Victoria’s Secret is the brand called ThirdLove. They offer the most fitting bra that you won’t even bother to go near a fitting room.

It is an online store and customers will have to take a quiz to determine their perfect bra shape. This is basically just for accuracy. Lively is another brand that is up and coming and yet doing so well. It is also an online underwear store.

Other brands that are set to dethrone Victoria’s Secret include Les Girls Les Boys, Madewell, J.Crew, Love by GapBody, True&Co, Journelle, and Everlane.

Check out the video above for some of the designs from Victoria’s Secret competition.