Finding an every day makeup look that works for you can be kind of tricky sometimes. There are certain things to take in to consideration like how much time you have in the morning and where you work at, among other things, so it’s not just about picking the right shade of lipstick. That’s important too but you get our drift. You should find a look that accentuates your best features while making you feel confident.
If you haven’t already mastered your every day look, we have a few tips that’ll be helpful in the process:
arganAlways prep your skin first. Your skin is the basis of any makeup look so it’s extremely important to take care of it properly. Moisturize your skin so that your foundation or whatever base you use sticks to your face longer.
Find the perfect foundation shade and formula. This is probably one of the hardest things to deal with whenever you wear makeup because not all foundation forumulas will resonate with your skin. Sample out many foundation formulas before purchasing and be sure to get color-matched to make it look as natural as possible.
Make your eyes look more awake. You’d be surprised just how much your appearance changes just by filling in your brows and curling your lashes. Don’t skip doing either of these things if you want to look brighter and with a more defined face.
Double-duty blushes and lipstick. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated and one of the best things you can do to save time and money is to dab a bit of the lipstick you put on your lips on your cheeks. And if you’re using a cream blusher, you can put it on your lips as well. This will ensure you’re matching and will look more natural (coral colors work best universally).
Find a lipstick that matches your lips. Everyday make up is about looking like a better version of yourself so find a lip color that closely matches your own. You’ll feel more confident because it’s a color that you’re already used to and will 100% look good on you.
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