A photo of a well-known celebrity is making its rounds on social media. The said photo showed the celebrity’s swollen feet, which was posted right on her own Instagram page.

Jessica Simpson posted the photo in accordance with the 10-Year-Challenge, which is a ‘challenge’ for users of the social media sites Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to post two photos of themselves back to back: one from now, and one from way back in 2009.

The photos are meant to show the difference between the ten years in which the photos were taken.

Simpson used this chance to compare her feet from 2009 to 2019. The first photo, taken from 10 years back, showed her feet looking slender and fit in heels, while the second photo showed her feet with a very noticeable ‘cankle’ – a term used to explain the situation when there’s hardly any separation between the calf and the ankle. This is due to Simpson’s pregnancy with her third child.

While it’s inevitable for some people to diss the celebrity, most people were actually supportive of her decision. Many have given her advice on how to keep her edema down during her pregnancy.

It’s actually really touching and we absolutely admire your honesty, Jessica! Keep it up and good luck with the pregnancy!