Androgyny has found a strong presence in Fall/Winter 2013/14 collections; it’s an evolving trend that has sparked interest and intrigue. Because of constantly changing social norms, the masculine-feminine line has been blurred, and ambiguous fashion has become increasingly popular.  Mixing masculine and feminine attributes in fashion is not a new fad; women’s style often borrows on male fashion sensibilities. However this year androgynous fashion is present on a much larger scale than previously seen. There has been a surge of popular androgynous fashion models in the past decade, whose boyish figures and pure confidence created a genderless approach to fashion. Part of what makes androgyny so interesting is that, it removes our normal definition of fashion and allows the clothing to speak on a more emotional level, more so embracing the really meaning of fashion.

Androgynous fashion in 2012 has become a blend of feminine ascetics coupled with a masculine edge.  Envision sharply tailored coast, powerful bold patterns and voluminous masculine shapes.  To archive this look, try pairing slouchy trousers and a men’s style button down shirt with a boyfriend blazer. Also consider incorporating strong, structured fabrics like velvet, tweed and thicker denim. If you’re looking for a more subtle androgynous approach think about, wearing a feminine print on tradition menswear pieces. This approach has been seen at the fall runways shows of Gucci and Miu Miu this year.

Try The Trend Tips

The foray into androgynous fashion may seem a little daunting, but when done correctly this look is eclectic and interesting. Here are a few pieces we suggest you work into your wardrobe, if you’re considering trying out the androgynous look.

Slouchy Trousers. These are a must have for rocking the trend this year. Consider prints with pinstripes or patchwork to really drive home the androgynous feel.

Mens Button Down Top. Perhaps the most easily integrated piece of androgynous fashion, this piece can work with leggings, a bubble skirt, skinny jeans and even shorts. With an endless array of colors and patterns to choose from, finding the right shirt for you shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Boyfriend Blazer. This item is so versatile and plays well with many current fashion trends, making it a necessity in any women’s closet. What makes it perfect of the androgynous look is its structured lines and masculine appeal.  Pair with ankle length trouser for the ultimate men’s wear effect.