Finding the perfect foundation shade is probably one of the most difficult tasks to do if you wear makeup. As if the name didn’t say it all, it takes up your whole face and is the basis for the rest of your makeup look so getting that perfect match is essential. But factors like undertones, coverage, skin concerns, among other things, make finding that perfect shade a whole harder than just matching it to your face.

To help you out on your quest of finding your foundation match, we’ve rounded up some useful tips next time you go foundation hunting.

Always swatch the foundation in daylight. The lights at the stores are incredibly deceiving and what might look great inside will most likely look pretty different out in the daylight. As for a sample of a few different foundations (many stores are more than happy to do so) and try them out at home near a window to see the true color on your face.

Identify your undertones. Your skin naturally has undertones that affect its natural color so it’s important to identify what yours are. You can do so by looking at your veins and looking at their color; if blue, you have cool undertones and if green, you have warm undertones. If the color doesn’t look like either, you’re most likely neutral.

If you have darker skin, match the color to the center of the face. Because darker skins can sometimes look a bit more uneven due to light exposure, it’s important to match the foundation to areas where the sun hits your face natural. The center of the face (nose bridge, cheekbones, middle of the forehead) gets the most sun so choose a foundation that matches this area best.

If you have pale skin, stay away from pink foundation. Your pale skin will make anything and everything a whole lot more obvious so stay away from pink undertones. Instead, go the neutral route or slightly yellow to cancel out any redness you may have.

To see additional tips, check out the videos.