Athleisure wear is amazing, and not just because it’s a comfy and lazy option. Fall is one of the best times to rock athleisure wear because brands always come out with a chic balance of both workout wear and street style.

And who doesn’t love not having to lug a gym bag around or worrying about a wardrobe malfunction? And not only is athleisure wear stylish and trendier than ever, but it is also convenient. It’s all about finding items that grab your attention. Here are the top three athleisure wear pieces if you really want to be chic this fall!

The Sports Bra
Worn under a crop top or jacket, sports bras are a super easy way to change up a look. They come in so many different designs, patterns, and colors, and they are way comfier than regular bras. A sports bra is a perfect addition to any outfit. Pair your favorite sports bra with a jacket of choice, sneakers, leggings, and statement sunglasses for an oh so chic look.

Denim Jacket
Because it balances out a look, the best athleisure look includes one non-athletic wear item. A denim jacket is both casual and comfortable. With so many different types of jean jackets, you can either make your look super grunge, chic, or vintage. A sweater and leggings with a denim jacket make for the perfect fall look.

Track Pants
Track pants have been in style for a while now both inside and outside the office. It is a comfy and chic option for those wanting to dress up a streetwear look. Whether there tailored or normal pants, It’s a great business casual piece. Pair with a solid T-shirt and jacket, your good to go!