The popular daytime show The Doctors is known for helping us with our medical questions. However, today they are breaking down what fashion and style trends were most popular on social media. The Doctors share a round-up of the top tagged Instagram looks from 2017. We all know how important social media is to most people, so it is not surprising that social media is accelerating the spread of many trends, including fashion. Before, people used to check out style magazines to learn about fashion trends. However, now you can find everything you need to know about fashion on Instagram.

On the east coast it’s all about the faux fur colored coats. Whereas before, fur was somewhat taboo, the new trend of the faux variety is making a splash, with many coming out in bright candy colors.

In South America, tassel earrings are really popular.  Metallic shoes are fabulous because they can brighten up any outfit. Gold, silver and colorful high-shine finishes have become a staple in many fashionista’s closets. Berets are a dainty accessory that have been seen on the heads of some our favorite celebrities, including Bella Hasidic and Rihanna.

A trend that began in Paris Fashion Week has spread across the globe. Oversized sleeves made a bold comeback in 2017. It was a way to reinvent classic street wear looks, giving them a more feminine and bold look.

In Spain, straw bags are all the rage. The absolute top trend of the year is millennial pink – and people who love it most are those who live in Thailand.