We all know that the perspective of fashion changes all the time. Today, we can get all the clothes to matching accessories handbags to shoes all online, this is as a result of app development and enhancement. For the top fashionistas, there are several apps which would keep you updated with the ongoing fashion trend.

One of the best up and coming fashion styling app is DAAMN! Not only will this app be helpful in helping you cultivate new a new style with outfit suggestions, but also offers personal stylists at your fingertips for suggestions on how to take your style to the next level. DAAMN! also offers a great fashion blog that is sure to provide some fashion inspiration.

Feedly helps you find any kind of fashion related blog, latest news and so on. What seems to be the greatest and the most impressive feature about this app is out it blends popular apps like Facebook, Pinterest, IFTTT, Twitter and so on to give you this whole picture that you need. It is available for both desktop and mobile versions.

Next is Polyvore. This is a well-known name in the list of trending, popular fashion apps. This where you have the latest and hottest discussion about any fashion trend, product and even sale ideas. This app provides users with a smooth shopping option. Furthermore, Polyvore could give you plenty of ideas and references also when it comes to furniture and home décor.

The Hunt follows. Clothes, jewelry, accessories and any other thing that is fashion related is what makes the content of this app. It is an online marketplace for almost any fashion item you can think of. The beauty of this is that you can see previous buyers suggesting or recommending products.

We can’t possibly list all these apps without mentioning Pinterest. For a good number of years, Pinterest has ruled the online fashion world. This app doesn’t only provide you with fashion related post but other interesting stuff like products that are one-of-a-kind, etc. The explore page of this app is like another new world entirely. While using this app, you can pin all the things that interest you or catches your attention to your personal profile so that it doesn’t get mixed up.

You can also check out other applications which were not mentioned above like Poshmark, Etsy, etc.