springgIt’s finally spring and if you made it through the harsh winter we all had, you’re more than happy it’s here. The sun comes a lot more, the weather is warming up slowly, and there’s no need to wear so many layers—what’s not to love? And did we mention all of the new spring collections in the store? No spring or summer time sadness here.
But if we’re being completely honest, there is one thing we don’t like about the warmer weather: not being able to wear the comfy winter wear we grew accostumed to. Luckily, transitioning some of your favorite pieces isn’t as hard as it seems. Let us show you how:
Robe or oversized coats. Thanks to Olivia Pope, we all ran out to buy the trendy robe coat this winter. While we loved how chic it looked, it definitely wasn’t the warmest coat we’ve worn. It’s more of a “walking from the cab to the lounge” type of coat so there was some major layering going on if we wore elsewhere. While it wasn’t the warmest for winter, it’s perfect for the spring when it’s still a bit chilly out. The same goes with the oversized coat as well which makes a great coat to wear over the shoulders.
Oversized sweaters. We love chunky or knit sweaters to wear in the spring because, if you have them in neutral colors like beige or sand, you can easily pair them with livelier bottoms like a pastel colored skirt or even just a pair of light wash jeans. If you decide to go with the latter, wear a bright pink lip to add some color.
Boots. During the winter, there’s no better shoe to wear than boots. They’re sturdy so navigating streets filled with water or snow is easy and they keep your feet warm. They also happen to look incredibly cool if paired with some skinny jeans and a moto jacket or even a flowy skirt. They add instant edge to any outfit so don’t be so quick to put them away once the warmer starts to peak through.
To see additional outfit ideas, check out the video playlist above!
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