(Photo Source: stylist.co.uk)

Leather isn’t just for pants and jackets anymore

While there may always be a tender spot in the heart of a fashion girl for a good ol’ classic piece, nothing is more exciting than incorporating aspects of the classics in new ways. Take the leather bomber jacket, for example.

A wardrobe staple – a good leather jacket can elevate streetwear to a cool-girl level of edge, tone down a dress and heels, and make jeans and a t-shirt a repeat-worthy look. The leather jacket is a jack of all trades when used effectively, but why stop the goodness there? Enter: leather separates.

Button-down blouses, trousers, midi skirts, mini skirts, blazers, coats, headbands… leather has been taking over all of the fall staples and with good reason. Even in its faux forms, leather is warm, matches virtually anything, and adds great texture to simple outfits.

Incorporating unconventional leather pieces can make the pieces office-friendly, sporty, or classic. But the bold trend can be intimidating and daunting—to best pull it off, mix subtle colors and simple textures, like cotton or chunky knits in neutral tones.

Let the leather piece be the main attraction and keep accompanying details reigned in.