Whether you see Kim Kardashian West on the red carpet, in the gym or on the curb, one thing is sure; you can’t look at her and look away just like that. She commands that attention and retains it, not because of her figure but her high fashion flavor. Virtually everything she puts on is a template for fashion lovers.

The star has been named on most occasion as one of the most stylish women in the world. When it comes to assembling those mind blowing components, Kim provides that perfect blend. And she owes this to her husband. “I really do get all of my inspiration from my husband, he makes my life so easy,” she said during an interview on people exclusive.

Kim provides a full package when it comes to fashion, the dress, the shoes, accessories and make up all provide that exceptional outfit. This makes it almost a necessity for fashion lovers to steal her style. She was once spotted out in Los Angeles wearing a Zip Up Hoodie, 2XU Scuba Tights and Reflective Ankle boots all by Yeezy. Twenty four hours later the Scuba Tights were all sold out.

No doubt, the Fashion Nova is worthy of emulation. Nevertheless, we should take note of some few things before we begin to copy her outfits. First, know your body size and shape. Kim is very curvy, that perfect figure 8. When trying on her outfit you should go with those that bring out your perfect figure.

Lastly, not all of her wears are available online, like the Spring ’95 dress which she wore to a business of fashion even in New York is nowhere available and even the satin strappy sandals which she wore to match is not online either. Make do with the ones you can find and don’t forget to add that sensual Kardashian blend.