(Photo Credit: Vans)

This Is The Official Fan Club Of Vans Sneakers

In fashion culture today, uniqueness and one-of-a-kind articles are kings. The days of everyone wearing the same box store clothes or shoes is done. Some enthusiasts, however, are taking this a step further, creating and customizing their own unique brands.

Meet the Waffleheads. The Waffleheads is a collective of the shoe underground. They are part of a subculture that collects one thing: Vans shoes. What sets them apart from normal shoe mongers and sneaker-heads is that they don’t just collect shoes; they take it a step further and even customize and accessorize their shoes to make them something uniquely their own.

This global group is made up of artists and collectors alike. These artists use the classic Vans skate shoe as their canvas to create some of the most unique and creative designs on the planet.

Being a Wafflehead isn’t about standing in line to get the next big release, or having the most Vans, it’s about having a collection of unique shoes that defines their own personal style and their very way of life. Each shoe is a reflection of the wearer, and for the Waffleheads, this is everything from modern art masterpieces to bejeweled and bedazzled.