Who cares if you have “the perfect bikini body” this summer? Take some inspiration from these celebrities who rocked the outfits they were given and recreate some of the most iconic bikini scenes in film’s history.

Pamela Anderson, Baywatch
Let’s bring back the one-piece this summer. 2018 is all about change, and when Pamela Anderson rocked her red lifeguard one-piece in the movie, she redefined the summer look for life. And hey, if you feel good in a one-piece, don’t let anyone drag you down for it! Rock what makes you feel confident.

Brigette Bardot, The Girl In The Bikini
Speaking of redefining the summer look, who can forget the first time a two-piece swimsuit was featured in a film? That was Brigette Bardot in this 1953 French film. Her simple nude bikini in this old school, black and white, cinematic masterpiece showed confidence like no other woman could.

Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits
Miss Monroe has been an icon since the day she stepped into the spotlight. This polka-dotted two piece with ruffles on the bottom show that sometimes the tight fitting looks aren’t necessary to show confidence in the summer.

Carrie Fisher, Return of the Jedi
This one might be a little unrealistic, but this two piece bikini dress was only onscreen for two minutes, yet sold at an auction for almost 100,000 dollars. Shimmer in a similar look to sunbathe in style this summer.

Which look was the most iconic, and which ones will you be trying out this summer?