Looking for some new outfits without having to your wardrobe here are a couple of style tips to best utilize your current wardrobe.

The best tip is to think when buying a new piece of clothing, which three pieces you already have that will complement the new piece well. It is also recommended that you spend time in your closet to think about the less-worn pieces and how to create a new look.

Dresses are a great option that can be worn in many different ways for a night out or in the office. Adding a neutral color blazer for the office and a shawl for a night out. For a causal look you can wear you can pop a nice button down shirt over the top and could tie together if the top opens in the front.

Another chic look is to have a sleeveless cover over a sleeveless dress. Items that don’t necessarily match could be pulled off if the items are in the same color range.

Accessories can also change the look of an outfit if you include a scarf, hat or jewelry that can also act as a statement piece. To create an edgy look you can take a soft style outfit and add something with a different texture or structure.

A helpful closet tip is to group items with similar items or prints together that can be grabbed easily for combining outfits and serves as a reminder to buy less of the certain color or print. It also helps to think of which items can be alternative pieces to previous outfit combinations.

Check out the video above for more versatile style tips.