(Photo Credit: Micah Gianneli)

Breaking a traditional winter fashion rule is trending

In ye olden days, the cardinal rule of not wearing white after Labor Day was written in stone. Breaking this code of color would emboss the offender with a scarlet letter for the winter months to come. Public shame.

Honorary member of the ‘Worst Dressed List’. Exclusion from the laundry pond… maybe I went too far back in history there, but this archaic rule really does feel as outdated as the colonial times.

And yet, some people still feel like they have to pack up all their favorite white items as soon as the leaves begin to change. But wearing whites and ivories and creams in the fall and winter months is a breezy break from the all black and brown uniform donned by many.

It breaks up the color palette gives ultimate cozy vibes. I mean, hasn’t everyone heard of ‘winter white?’

It’s time to officially remove that “rule” from the books and let winter whites shine. From jeans to sweaters, coats to boots, and everything in between, the addition of white gives the perfect pop of color to typically dark outfits and serves as a great canvas for other colors to play off of.

White jeans, a slouchy white t-shirt and a camel coat with white sneakers are instant fashion-girl vibes that will leave your friends begging for links to all your pieces. A cream turtleneck sweater with faux leather leggings and over-the-knee-boots will be your most liked outfit on Instagram.

Whether you’re dressing it up for a holiday party or keeping it cool with street style, here are some post-summer white outfits to inspire you to be a #rulebreaker.