When you think of Ariana Grande’s hair, you probably think of the perfect, sleek, high ponytail. Who doesn’t love Ariana Grande’s braided high ponytail? After all, it is her signature. Re-creating her ponytail is actually super easy, and here’s how to do it!

First, start by separating your hair into a small section at the top so that the middle can be French braided. Repeat the braid on both sides of your head so that there are three. Make sure to secure your ponytail once you get about halfway through your head, and then bring the pieces together along with your hair to create a ponytail. You should be able to see all three braids on each side. Then you want to braid your ponytail and wrap your hair track around your braid.

You want to pin back your ponytail to the base of your head so that everything stays secure and in place. Wrap your hair around the base and pin in the back. Make sure your hair is straight and ahead of time for that overall sleek look that Ariana Grande is famous for. If you want to bring spunk and sass anywhere you go, this ponytail certainly has it!