(Photo Source: vox.com)

Amazon gives users access to fashion experts in new feature

Ever wish you had your very own personal stylist? Have you ever had trouble deciding on what to wear? This new product from Amazon is sure to solve all of your problems while making sure that your outfit is always on point.

Amazon is known for its intuitive products that enhance your daily life. Amazon and its Echo line of products have been changing lives and the way we interact with technology since its initial release in 2014. Echo, with its voice-controlled personal assistant Alexa, is one of the most popular smart devices on the market today. And Amazon has taken this to the next level with the Echo Look.

Introducing the Echo Look. This device is your own personal stylist, on-demand and in your home. Users can utilize the device to take pictures of their outfits and the Echo will offer them style advice and tips based on their outfit choices.

Utilizing expert stylists and your own style preferences, the system takes into account current fashion trends, fit, and style of your clothing options to give you the best advice on any outfit. Can’t decide between two different looks? With Echo Look, you can reach out and get feedback on your current choices.