Fans Want Their #OldCeline Back

How soon is too soon for a revival. It’s been a long year for Celine devotees still mourning the departure of pioneering Creative Director Phoebe Philo. To commemorate Philo’s legacy, the brand’s cultish fanbase built an Instagram account @oldceline, boosting 231,000 follower and counting and simultaneously started a fashion movement.

Image Source: Pinterest

Fans of the brand continue to wear only the designs made under the reign of Philo (2008-2018); rejecting the new collections made my current Creative Director Hedi Slimane whose vision has been a stark turnaround for the brand and its ideal consumer. It’s been speculated that fashion chameleon Rihanna supports the movement, after she was spotted by Vogue wearing a fur coat from Philo’s last Pre-fall collection.

Since Slimane has taken the helm, die hard fans have criticized his designs as being to hyper sexualized and youthful. A far stretch from Philo’s now iconic archive pieces that celebrated timeless femininity and impeccable tailoring. Philo lived by motto that Celine was for women designed by a woman.

Image Source: Pinterest

The movement strikes a bigger discussion in the fashion community about the male gaze on women’s wear. With the popularity of feminist activism prevalent in designs from Dior, Chloe, and Vivienne Westwood how well does the new Celine bent on producing mini dresses and party frocks still hold up.