Rose water is one of Mother Nature’s best gifts to your skin and if you’re not using it, you’re seriously missing out. This precious liquid is such a multi-tasker that it can easily replace some of your most beloved skincare products while probably doing a better job than they ever did. Rose water can do anything from tone to hydrate your face as well adding shine to your hair.

Here are some great uses for rose water and get ready to become obsessed:

rosewater1Natural makeup remover. Rose water is a known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and does a great job of removing makeup. It also causes minimal irritation if you suffer from redness.
Toner. Rose water is great as a toner and helps with pore tightening as well as anti-ageing.
It promotes hair growth. If you’re having problems growing out your hair, rose water is sure to do the trick. It helps with blood circulation, inflammation, and promotes a healthy scalp which in turn helps with hair growth.
Makeup refresher or face mist. If you’re face is feeling tight during the day or your makeup is starting to look a little too dry, spray a bit of rose water mist to up your hydration levels.
Keep stress levels down. Sometimes work, people you deal with, or certain situations can stress you out and that can have a negetive impact on your physical and mental health. Take a warm bath and add some rose water and rose oil for some aroma therapy to help you feel better.
To see additional rose water benefits, check out the videos!
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