(Photo Source: msn.com)

YouTuber Takes On Fashion World With Diverse Style

In a world that tries to conform everyone to its own interpretation of beauty, both men and women everywhere are fighting back to both inspire and motivate others to love themselves and who they are. And the fashion industry is starting to take notice.

Body inclusivity is everywhere. Designers and artists alike are starting to make clothing and beauty products that work for everyone. Gone are the days of having to mix multiple shades of makeup to match your skin tone, or having to squeeze into impossible sizes or choosing to forgo the outfit all together because it wasn’t designed for a “real” person.

Enter the new wave of fashion and beauty that truly is a one size fits all. Nabela Noor is changing the way people approach traditional sizing on clothing.

Zeba clothing has changed the classic extra-small to 4XL to inspire and uplift people about their own beauty. Zeba clothing has replaced the S-4XL with sizes like powerful, passionate, and loved.

“There are so many things that Zeba will do to change the narrative. To figure out how we can make beauty something that includes everybody and to figure out how we can empower each other,” stated founder Nabela Noor.