Zendaya Brings Magic To The Pink Carpet Of The 2019 Met Gala

It’s Met Gala season, and fashionistas and wannabe fashionistas everywhere tuned in to various TV channels and plenty of online streaming on Monday, May 6th to see what celebrities would be styled in while they walked the red carpet.

From outrageous outfits, like Lady Gaga’s four outfit changes that ended in lingerie or Katy Perry’s literal lighting up the night as a chandelier, to gorgeous gowns, there was something for everyone at the 2019 Met Gala.

But one of our absolute favorite works of art from the evening was Zendaya’s glowing Cinderella gown, complete with what appeared to be someone sprinkling magical fairy dust on her across the red carpet.

Zendaya appeared to be wearing a grey gown but with a wave of a magic wand from her stylist, Law Roach, transformed the dress from grey to a glowing blue and Roach was even dressed as the Fairy Godmother character from the “Cinderella” movie.

The gown worn by Zendaya, of “The Greatest Showman,” was designed in a rich, bold, almost iridescent hue by Tommy Hilfiger. To make it even more magical, it lit up at a wave of her stylist’s wand. It was complete with a full A-line and pouffy sleeves, and it truly made the night a dream come true for the popular actor. If nothing else, its beauty sure caught our attention.

Zendaya exited in true Cinderella style, leaving behind a glass slipper. For a closer look at Zendaya’s glowing Cinderella gown from the Met Gala red carpet, take a look at the video above.