37-year-old Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek awed spectators last Wednesday evening when she revealed her newest designs at the Berlin Fashion Week for the 19/20 Autumn/Winter Collection. The rising star in the fashion industry presented dresses with an interesting twist: masculine retro, something that not a lot of people have seen before.

Although she’s known for mixing old motifs with modern styles, the Austrian designer still surprised people by veering away from her usual, more feminine designs. For this collection, she opted to go for something more ambiguous and yet still fresh to the eyes.

Hoschek took inspiration from classic men’s wear, ranging from cowboy attires, to casual industrial workwear, and even to late Victorian era fashion. The retro twist on the outfits just added to the flavor.

A cowboy outfit became a floor-length dress, a detective uniform became a floral dress, and a three-piece formal attire became a sharp-cut suit. She also made use of soldiers’ camouflage design to create a strong and sexy look for her models.

Interestingly, each model also had a headgear, like a beret or a hat, as they strutted down the catwalk quite magnificently in their boots and heels. All we can say is, Hoschek managed to integrate femininity into traditionally masculine outfits and its brilliance definitely showed on the runway.