(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Being Cinderella Made Zendaya Nervous For Met Gala

It wasn’t that long ago that Zendaya stole the entire Met Gala with her incredible and unique light-up dress, inspired by Cinderella. But even the princess of the ball still had a bit of a scare when she felt her dress heating up from the batteries and wires, causing her to change into a different outfit not long after arriving.

When Zendaya arrived at the 2019 Met Gala, she was wearing a dress that was quite obviously inspired by Disney’s Cinderella. The gown was designed by Tommy Hilfiger, and it was one of the trendiest looks of the evening. Complete with a full ballgown style and her fairy godmother, stylist Law Roach, holding a wand to light up her dress.

Even her bag fit the theme of her evening, designed to look like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage. Unfortunately, as her red carpet walk continued, the battery and wires that powered her dress’s magic began to heat up. This naturally made Zendaya nervous, causing her to change once she entered the event.

Zendaya’s love for the Met Gala is shown every year when she shows up in extravagant outfits that fit the theme of the night.