You live, but sometimes you don’t learn. Thin eyebrows were all the rage back in the day. Woman would pluck their eyebrows to extremes just to get the skinny razor thin look, and they date back all the way to the ancient Egyptian times. Rihanna was on the recent cover of British vogue, completely rocking thin eyebrows.

Though the celebrity has experimented before with her eyebrows… from her bleached and sculpted look at the Met Gala to her bushy brows, her latest eyebrow look has everybody hoping that these skinny brows will stay in the past. Even in the 20s and 30s, woman would rock skinny eyebrows on Vogue magazine covers and they were all the rage. When the disco era emerged, thin brows resurfaced once again. And they came back again in the 90s!

The reason the come-back of this trend is so skeptical is because once you pluck your eyebrows, they can take months and even years to grow back and can be painful! It is definitely alarming for the fashion and beauty world. Ultra-thin eyebrows could be making a come-back, with a few celebrities here and they’re popping up with this style!