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The Canadian songbird that’s known for her style

Celine Dion is a household name for many reasons, entertaining the world as a powerful female singer and the voice for blockbuster favorites like Titanic. And while her voice may be something that everyone knows, did you know that Celine is also a well-known fashion icon and couture darling?

And while we may see her as a face of fashion, Dion doesn’t view herself the same way her fans do. While she is known for her excellent, daring, and high-fashion looks, she states that her fashion inspiration is to simply “play” with her outfits, as well as occasionally “borrow” characters to inspire her looks.

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While Celine may seem fully put together at all times to us mere mortals, she doesn’t view herself as an icon because she takes outfits day by day, spending very little time planning them out. As mentioned by the star herself, she doesn’t feel as though her looks are very legendary.

And while we may disagree completely with the star on how inspirational her fashion is, it’s safe to say she keeps us inspired by the ways of music and fashion.