Do you have a bunch of stuff you don’t wear anymore? Everyone loves extra ways to make cash right? Little did you know, things that you may find out of style or that you don’t wear anymore, others want to buy it from you! Your old clothing may be another person‘s treasure, and it’s super easy to sell your clothes with so many apps nowadays!

It is so simple, you simply create an account and post a picture of your clothing! Some people actually do it as a living, purchasing items found at thrift stores and are able to sell it for more. It gives items a second chance while it’s also good for the environment making buyers feel like they did a great thing! An app called Thread Up, is a retail website that you cannot only sell your clothing on, but also buy it!

The resell Industry has become huge nowadays, booming everywhere. It’s like Goodwill… but to a whole new level! It is growing so fast because people can find things that not only have high value, but lower costs than retail would. There is always a wide variety to choose from, whether you’re looking for luxury items or every day clothing. If you have a closet full of clothes with things you don’t wear, it’s time to do a closet clean out and give your items a second chance!

Check out the videos above for more second-hand fashion selling apps.