If You Can’t Find A Local Sephora, Just Go To JCPenney

Makeup lovers everywhere unite over Sephora sales. With popular videos on YouTube of hauls and unboxings, to tutorials by beauty gurus shared millions of times across the internet, to their incredible return policy, Sephora has long been a fan favorite.

And while the brand has many of its own stores in malls across the United States, it’s their JCPenney locations that have people talking. It was recently announced that Sephora now boasts over 600 stores in JCPenney locations alone.

The brands partnered together over ten years ago in 2006 in an effort to attract more young, female shoppers to the department store. The number of Sephora locations in JCPenney stores translates to over 75 percent of these longtime department stores hosting a Sephora.

In an era of a huge decrease in brick and mortar retail stores and an increase in online sales, Sephora has the unique position of being wildly advertised online by people like YouTube beauty gurus and makeup artists. Its popularity has aided JCPenney in staying relevant by increasing sales and keeping a younger crowd entering through the doors of a store that may otherwise have become irrelevant.

For more information on the Sephora-JCPenney partnership, take a look at the video above.