Everyone remembers their childhood favorites from Disney channel, some stars seriously had a style evolution that will most certainly make you miss the early days! With so many Disney channel actors over the years… some of the most famous stars had the biggest cringe-worthy style changes. From stars like Hillary Duff to Miley Cyrus, some stars seriously have incredible, stylish, transformations.

First, Hillary Duff. She went from her ever so girly scrunchies and butterfly hair clips and “Lizzie McGuire” trend-setter styles, she is now perfected the west coast effortlessly chic look over the past few years. She still looks super cute, as always, but it’s definitely a big change.

Next, Raven Symone. Still being on TV today with the comeback of “That’s So Raven,” when she was a teenager the attention was always on her with her over the top fashion choices! Now, though she still has her eccentric fashion sense, her outfits definitely have a more mature grown-up vibe.

Of course, what would a style evolution be without the one and only Miley Cyrus. When she started her Disney career as a teenager, she always had a popstar girly girl style. She would wear things like layered T-shirts, denim skirts, and tulle dresses, but now her style couldn’t be more different. With her crazy music career Miley has seriously gone through several style transformations. She’s been from crazy edgy to downright weird. But now, she seems to have settled for a classy toneddown look that are mixed with her Southern roots that we all know her for.

The inspiring Selena Gomez always looked like a sweetheart on “Wizards of Waverly Place.” She did go through a punk style phase, and would wear things like Avril Lavigne outfits and studded-belts with a pair of Converses. She now wears very feminine, chic, looks and is super successful to this day and is super involved in the fashion world.

Finally, Shia LaBeouf. He was known for his graphic T-shirts to his baggy jeans and baseball caps during his Disney days. He went for that typical teenage boy look but now, he has a super normcore style with his style and is a complete hype-beast. He also loves military styles. His new ever so cool dad style is definitely different from his Disney days.