(Photo Source: gerente.com)

KKW is releasing shapewear line

Kim Kardashian West, mom of four, wife of Kanye, and queen at basically everything she does, has added yet another venture to her portfolio. Kim’s newest fashion collection, shapewear line Kimono Solutionwear, was announced on June 25th on Instagram.

Kim shared that creating essentially custom shapewear is something she has been passionate about for 15 years. She mentioned that she has always taken to cutting up her shapewear in the past to make it fit better for her needs, and she has also discussed that she has had trouble finding a shapewear color that matched her skin tone. So she decided to create a solution for women like her. She even went so far as to create the perfect shapewear for dresses with a high leg slit.

Her line will have nine shades of shapewear to fit many more skin tones, and she developed sizes that range from XXS to 4XL, creating for more inclusivity. While we don’t yet know when the collection will release, Kim has stated that it will be “coming soon.”