(Photo Credit: Backgrid)

These Celebs Worked Hard For Their Summer Body

Celebrities are lucky to have access to some of the healthiest options out there, from extravagant gyms to knowledgeable nutritionists and even personal chefs. We imagine that stars have it easy when it comes to staying healthy, but the truth is, they still have to put in the work to get there.

Many female celebrities have been showing us lately that the harder you work at the gym over the year, the better it pays off when summer comes around. There are several female celebrities out there who love to show their toned abs, from Gabrielle Union to Emily Ratajkowki to Jennifer Lopez.

Instagram makes for the perfect platform to share photos from summery beach trips where these famous faces look flawless and fit. And whether they are rocking a bikini, a crop top, or workout gear, these women appear to work hard to stay toned and in shape. After all, everyone knows that a summer body is made in the winter, so you know these women don’t forget to work out and eat well when it’s chilly out.