It’s our favorite time of the year because the World Cup is on and the teams listed below came dressed to impress! The tournament is bringing nations together and is leaving the negativity behind and we couldn’t love it more. Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, you can still find other aspects of the tournament that are exciting including the attire.

The Best Dressed
10. Japan are looking like blue samurais in their uniforms and are killing the game
9. Sweden is keeping is simple but modern with their home colors blue and yellow. While the colors are tough, they still managed to turn heads with their patterned jersey.
8. Belgium is one of the most loved teams this year and their uniforms are definitely helping. The almost argyle look on the home uniform makes them unique and takes them back to 1984. Their home uniform adds an extra pop of yellow with pin stripes.
7. Iceland somehow made their jerseys amazing with shoulder design. We are in love.
6. Peru used the sash look which is both classic and simple. They used an original design that still slays.
5. While Brazil always kills it in their yellow and green jersey, this year they have outdone themselves with their away jersey. The blue jersey has a sublimated star design and it is absolutely amazing.
4. Australia also adopted the funky shoulder look and they are even better than Iceland.
3. It is only right that Germany, the previous World Cup champs, have an amazing uniform. The jersey is classic while still modern. It is a twist on their 1990’s jersey and it is fire.
2. South Korea has had some rather lame uniforms in the past, but this is definitely the exception. Their away jersey is by far the best in the World Cup with a white base and a pop of their flag colors speckled throughout.
1. And number one is… Nigeria! These uniforms are absolutely amazing. The green chevron makes the uniform stand out all while not being too much.
Tune into the World Cup to see all of the uniforms in action!