Kim Kardashian is known for doing everything big, bold and shamelessly. Her latest fragrance line, “Kimoji Hearts,” was a total sell out just four days after its release. So if you didn’t get your hands on one of the 300,000 that were in stock, you’re out of luck for now! The new line includes three different scents, “Bae,” “Ride or Die,” and, “BFF.”

Though she sold out the latest line and raked in around $10 million from it, that’s not quite the most interesting part of the story. Of course, Kim always has something up her sleeve, especially when it comes to her many haters. It seems like you can’t pull up an article about Kim without hearing about one of her many “haters.” Well, Kim used her haters as fuel for the advertising of this fragrance line, doing all of the advertising via her social media. Ahhh, not only did she make a ton of money off of the sales of the product, she also didn’t spend any money on advertising…smart gal!

How she incorporated her enemies into her marketing scheme was pretty genius (and a little mean). According to TMZ, Kim plugged the scents hard on social media in a campaign that sent the fragrances to both her lovers and her haters, including Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna and Chloe Grace Moretz. Not everyone thought it was funny, and Black Chyna already came out and called Kim a bully for what she did.

Don’t worry…if you weren’t able to get one of her newer scents, her signature scent, “Crystal Gardenia,” is still available!