(Photo Source: businessoffashion.com)

The tennis pro making a name for herself in the fashion industry

Who better to show off their fashion line than the designer herself? Nixing the classic approach to advertising with unrealistic models and high-budget photoshoots, Serena Williams has been showing off her new line of fashion in the most sensible way—on herself.

Channeling the company’s motto of “it’s not about perfection” Serena Williams has been giving fans a more realistic sense of how her clothing line, Serena, could fit into their lives. No fans, professional makeup artists, or extravagant locations, just the designer herself going for a casual walk down her office hallway.

To show the fit and comfort of one of her trouser and blazer combos, Williams took an iPhone video of herself strutting the office like a runway to show how her pieces could translate into your workspace. A pretty genius idea with simple execution for dramatic results—the video has over 1.2 million views within 24 hours of posting.


Williams’ fashion line is all about celebrating the inherent beauty of all women with more universally flattering silhouettes, bright and fun colors, and practical yet stylish pieces. Every aspect of the brand is consciously designed to uplift and celebrate—from the mission to be seen and heard and to “amplify greatness”, the use of words like “great” instead of plus size, and the diversity of models on the website. Designs include cocktail dresses, coats, slacks, leggings, blouses, t-shirts, jeans and much more.

And while her advertising and content team is definitely crushing it, Williams’s approach to marketing her new designs might just be the most effective advertisement in modern fashion history.