It’s summertime one of our absolute favorite times of the year. And as the season is in full swing, some of you may be slacking on getting that perfect beach body and more importantly feeling happy and healthy which should be the real goal!


Being healthy is the number one goal when trying to achieve not even the perfect beach body, but the body that you are confident and happy in…the body that makes you feel good. And it all starts with your diet believe it or not. You don’t necessarily have to go on a binge diet just during the summer months, but you should make an over all lifestyle change. Start cooking with fresh ingredients and get rid of frozen and processed foods. For example, pack healthy and filling snacks for the beach instead of a bag of chips…instead try a fresh fruit salad.

After nutrition comes exercising. Exercising is important when getting fit. Again you don’t have to go crazy to start out, instead head to the gym a couple times a week and take a long walk at night. Find little and fun ways to add in exercise to your daily routine.

Making these small changes at first will help you stick to your new lifestyle change. Try partnering up with a friend, someone who shares the same goals as you and will help keep you motivated.