Hobo Bag Returns

The fashion cycle never fails. According to the pages of Vogue, the hobo bag is back. The accessory was inseparable the boho chic movement of the past decade and commonly spotted around the shoulder of the Olsen Twins and former “it” girl Sienna Miller who made the style popular.

Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, Kate Spade, Gucci and Paco Rabanne are just a few names among many who have made hobo bag designs a staple in their new fall collection.

Why designers being drawn back to this seemingly unforgiving style?

Over the past couple years, women’s runway collections are filled with more loose and less structured silhouettes. The hobo bag’s slouchy body and wide strap makes the perfect accessory to match that aesthetic. Designer’s are also favoring more utilitarian designs, and arguably nothing can hold more than a hobo bag.

To the conscious millennial consumer, the hobo bag is a dream. The bag prioritizes comfort over construction, and has the carry-all quality that matches their busy lifestyle. The hobo bag also satisfies a cultural need for millennials to make a seemingly uncool fashion relic from their youth cool again.

Just as designers re-imagined the waist bag into a luxury good, is it possible for the incorrigible hobo bag to follow suit.