Your park is your wonderland

Ivy Park is getting a frosty makeover for the upcoming winter Icy Park collection in collaboration with Adidas and Ivy Park. The new Icy Park collection will feature a variety of styles in pink and white for a snowy version of the athletic wear collection.

The new colors won’t be the only new additions to the Icy Park collection with some new celebrity models and collaborators modeling the new styles. The ad campaign for Icy Park features Gucci Mane, Kyla Coleman, Kaash Paige, Akesha Murray, Hailey Bieber, and the queen Bey herself. The Icy Park collection brings winter styles from the alps to the streets with the size-inclusive line and four new snow-inspired Adidas x Ivy Park sneakers.

Icy Park will feature five winter-inspired sneaker styles including updated versions of the Super Sleek, Ivy Park Ultra Boost, Forum Lo, and the debut of the brand-new Super Sleek Boot. Another new addition to the Icy Park collection will be some special custom prints that will be a unique option compared to the former monochromatic collections.