We’ve all been there: it’s at night and you’re either texting that cutie you just went on a date with or liking every pic on your favorite blogger’s Instagram. Next thing you know it’s already 1 am and you know you’re going to be a walking zombie come the morning. Time just seems to pass by a lot quicker at night, right?

For those days when you were glued to your phone at night or simply had a bit of insomnia, try out these tips and you’ll look like a sleeping beauty who’s just awaken from her 8 hour slumber.

Moisturize. We know this is already part of your everyday routine because you care about your face but seriously, don’t forget to do it in the AM. Moisturizing will help your skin look radiant and plumper (that’s a good thing) and can be a good base for your foundation.

Concealer. The bags under your eyes aren’t Prada so it’s time to whip out your highest coverage concealer. Apply the concealer all over the under eye and on the cheekbones as well to open the whole area.

Nude eyeliner. Sometimes when you lack sleep, your eye tend to look a reddish blue or purple color that gets more prominent as you get closer to the lash area. Use a nude color liner on the waterline and see your eyes transform instantly.

Lashes. Another way to instantly open up the eye area is to curl your lashes. Sometimes lashes tend to be straight naturally and change the eye shape so when you curl them, they look a lot brighter and better shaped. Depending on how much time you have, add a coat of mascara. It’ll make your lash roots look fuller.

Highlighter. If you’re not the biggest fan of dewy skin, don’t skip out on the highlighter. With highlighter it’s all about placement so add some on your cheekbones, nose bridge, inner corners of the eyes, and forehead for an overall radiant look.

Lips/Blush. Nothing says awake like a burst of dewy color. Use a rosy lipstick a shade or two darker than your own and dab some on your cheeks. You’ll look a look more youthful and livelier, especially if the formula is extra creamy.